Rough and Ready Americana

I call this “Rough and Ready Americana.”
It shows the back yards of commerce and neglected river banks running through the downtown of a typical Minnesota town…Shakopee in this case.  It still has a picturesque appeal to me, despite evoking an era of rapid expansion and exploitation in the early years of the American century.  Someday there will be bistros and shops lining a gentrified promenade along this lovely river, and the deadwood will be culled, and flowers planted.  For now, it is a reminder that the beauty of a river dies hard, and can be resuscitated quickly if there is a civic will.

A keepsake of that thing.

I am having a love affair with a river. Sara understands and makes room in our marriage for this ardor. She knows that it, like the blush on an angels cheek at dawn, will change hue, will cool, and become a memory. Here is a keepsake of that thing.

December Snowstorm

I was here when the first flakes drifted down yesterday.  Today it was a full on storm, and snow came down all day.  Sara and I got out to the river before noon, and you can see the flakes were large, wet and thick in the air.

The moment of the first *real* snow.

Minnesota River at first snow

Light flakes were dusting my camera as I set up this panorama. By the time I was through with the shooting, I had to hide the camera under my jacket and trot back to the car. It was a special moment, as I knew I would not see this pristine earth palette again for months.