Rough and Ready Americana

I call this “Rough and Ready Americana.”
It shows the back yards of commerce and neglected river banks running through the downtown of a typical Minnesota town…Shakopee in this case.  It still has a picturesque appeal to me, despite evoking an era of rapid expansion and exploitation in the early years of the American century.  Someday there will be bistros and shops lining a gentrified promenade along this lovely river, and the deadwood will be culled, and flowers planted.  For now, it is a reminder that the beauty of a river dies hard, and can be resuscitated quickly if there is a civic will.

2 thoughts on “Rough and Ready Americana

  1. I’ll buy some of that real estate. Picture a painted wood sign ‘Contemplation Cafe’, log cabin, huge windows, cracklin fire, smell of coffee and cinnamon rolls, the only sounds you hear are those of turning pages.

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